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Dr Jonathon Reay

Jonathon  Reay

Role: Collaborator - Phytochemicals
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Jonathon completed his PhD within the Human Cognitive Neuroscience Unit (HCNU), investigating the gluco-regulatory and neuro-cognitive effects of a traditional herbal supplement (Panax ginseng) in healthy adults. He then moved to Teesside University where he spent one year as a lecturer. Jonathon is currently a Principal Lecturer and Undergraduate Programme Director for Psychology at Northumbria University. During this time Jonathon has published a number of journal articles covering research into the cognitive and physiological effects of food supplements and recreational drugs. Current teaching at Northumbria University includes ‘Biological Psychology’ and ‘Human Psychopharmacology’.


Past and current research interests include the further investigations of the acute and chronic effects of food supplements and recreational drug use (alcohol, ecstasy, cannabis, nicotine etc.) on human health and behaviour.

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