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Cognitive Testing Laboratories 1, 2, 3 and 4

The centre has four laboratories purpose designed for testing cognitive function and assessing mood. Each comprises space for 10 or 12 individual testing booths, each equipped with Toshiba laptops, button boxes and web cams. A folding, solid-wall divider system between labs 1 and 2, and labs 3 and 4 allows the expansion of the laboratory space and the flexibility to run multi-disciplinary studies within one work space.

Testing in these labs can include any of the computerised testing paradigms, paper and pencil measures, standard mood scales and other psychometric instruments. Exercise manipulations can be incorporated into the testing procedures.


Computerised cognitive testing utilising: the COMPASS cognitive assessment system ; the Cognitive Demand Battery; the Multi-tasking Framework; bespoke computerised assessment as required; paper and pencil measures.

Stress induction utilising the Multi-tasking Framework, social stressors, and virtual reality stressors (coming soon).


Hardware: Individual testing stations; Toshiba laptops (inc response boxes and web-cams as necessary); eMagin Z800 3D visors.

Software: COMPASS cognitive assessment system; Multi-tasking Framework; Cognitive Demand Battery; 3D stressors (coming soon)


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